Communication is the Language of Leadership!

Communication is the Language of Leadership!

Communication and teamwork are two of the most significant advantages to the elimination of injuries and ultimately the success of the safety professional. As a long time professional in safety, I have found that many of my colleague’s ability to communicate and build teamwork are underdeveloped thus creating a low perception of value in the safety culture.

In the Communication Game, we will engage players to learn how important communication is for effective leadership, changing behaviors and establishing an active safety culture.

Presenter Denis Baker, CSP, ASP, CRIS

Denis is a Certified Executive/Business Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker for the John Maxwell Group and currently serves as the Corporate EHS Leader for ATW. He is a passionate person of influence committed to teaching and communicating practical and relevant influencing techniques. His uniquely passionate and emotionally driven style resonates with many, creating a desire for change and becoming a more effective leader.

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