Getting a Seat in the C-Suite: What Every Safety Pro Should Know

Getting a Seat in the C-Suite: What Every Safety Pro Should Know

You need management to support and fund your initiatives, but sometimes this feels like running head first into a brick wall. The secret to success lies in getting and keeping a seat at the highest decision-making table: the C-Suite.

That seat is ready and waiting for a safety leader who understands how to take it. In this session, you’ll learn how to achieve that connection with the senior leadership at your organization. We’ll discuss how to identify your organization’s formal and informal power structures, the traits you need to adopt to effect change, and how to establish and maintain effective communication with your organization’s leaders.

Come hear Regina’s signature engaging, informative style and learn everything you’ve been missing when it comes to communicating with your senior leadership!

Presenter Regina McMichael, CSP, CET

Regina McMichael, CSP, CET is President of The Learning Factory, Inc., an education and training design and delivery company with a focus on safety training, risk management and leadership.

She has 29 years of safety and health training experience. She has hands-on expertise in the research, writing and production of training manuals, videos and articles. She is a frequent conference speaker, committee moderator, published author and content expert witness.

Regina has worked in the construction, insurance, aerospace, automotive and service industries. Regina is known as the Safety Training Ninja© and is the founder of Peace, Love and Safety. She loves traveling the world delivering her safety and leadership messages to all types of organizations.

You can reach her at

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