Disaster Lessons for Safety Professionals

The “STATES” of Emergency – Disaster Lessons for Safety Professionals Katrina. Rita. The Tsunami. The London Bombings. 9/11

These and other recent disasters-natural and man-made-have tested health and safety systems like nothing before. What can we learn from these experiences that will enable us to do a better job of protecting not only our workers and our businesses but our homes and our loved ones? Attend this seminar and learn about, among other things: The impact of personal accountability on risk of injury, the role of complacency and its impact on the government and citizens of New Orleans, Houston and other areas impacted by Katrina and Rita and other lessons you can apply to prevent injuries and save lives-both inside and outside the workplace.

Presenter: Gary Higbee, EMBA, CSP

President/CEO Higbee & Associates, Inc.
Principal North American Management Institute
Senior Consultant SafeStart/SafeTrack

Gary has over 50 years of experience ranging from working on the factory floor to upper management. His assignments include positions in Production Engineering, Safety and Environmental Engineering, Production Management, Corporate Director, Vice-President and President/CEO. Gary has an MBA from the University of Iowa and is a board certified safety professional.

Gary is a past recipient of the Safety Professional of the Year award for region IV of the American Society of Safety Engineers. In 2010 Gary received the Distinguished Service to Safety Award from the National Safety Council. The DSSA is the National Safety Council’s highest individual award. He is considered an expert in Traditional and Behavior Based Safety Technologies as well as Complex Organizational Change Initiatives. Gary’s book coauthored with Larry Wilson “Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms” was released in 2010 and is already in its third printing.

In addition to his consulting, Gary has published many articles and is a frequent Keynote speaker around the world. His recent topics include “Guaranteeing the Success of Safety Committees”, “Managing Complex Change Initiatives”, “Nine Steps for Changing your Safety Culture”, “Breaking the Cycles of Risky Behavior”, “Predicting Human Performance”, “Frustrations in Safety”, “Five Stages to World Class Performance”, “Visionary Leadership” and “Managing Complex Change”.

Using his over 50 years of experience and a sense of humor Gary has become an internationally known speaker on safety, health, environmental and business issues.

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