2021 SPY

Please join us in congratulating Jack Sullivan, who has been named as the 2021
Region VI Safety Professional of the Year by the American Society of Safety
Professionals (ASSP).

ASSP recognizes one outstanding safety professional from each of the nine
geographical regions annually as a Regional Safety Professional of the Year (SPY). 
With over 38,000 professional members in 80 countries, only nine men and women are
recognized annually for this achievement.  The SPY recipients have advanced the
American Society of Safety Professionals and the safety profession through their
dedication and leadership.  Region VI of ASSP comprises 13 chapters of ASSP and
covers South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and

Jack is a member of the Colonial Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Safety
Professionals. He has been an active chapter member for over 36 years, serving as
president and numerous other leadership roles.

Jack is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Fire Protection Specialist
(CFPS) with 42 years of loss control experience providing consulting services, safety
training, OSHA compliance and outreach, property conservation, emergency
planning/disaster recovery training, and risk management training and coaching for
management personnel. He is a subject matter expert on the topic of roadway incident
safety for emergency responders and have developed training materials and workshops
related to the subject of traffic incident management and emergency responder safety
over the last 22 years.

Jack has served as a volunteer firefighter and fire officer for 23 years in three different
fire departments in Pennsylvania and Virginia. He currently serve as a Principal Member
of the National Fire Protection Assoc. Technical Committee for NFPA 1091 – Traffic
Control Incident Management Professional Qualifications and as a Technical Member of
the National Committee of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and act as the Chair of the
Task Force for Chapter 6-I of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
The ASSP Regional SPY award is an honor acknowledging the dedication and
outstanding contributions of a member to a specific Region.  The criteria in which a
candidate is judged include:

  1. Demonstrated technical expertise in the broad field of safety and a thorough
    knowledge of the operational aspects of his/her nominee’s safety employment.
  2. Demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Society, Council, Region, or
    Membership Community activities, including committee or task force chair, officer,
    services to members, lecturer at seminars, etc.
  3. Professional contributions to advance the Safety Profession, such as fostering
    professional development, public/community services, instructor at educational
    institutions, involvement in codes and legislation, articles written, work with allied
    groups, etc.
  4. Awards and innovations, including citations, honors, plaques; or new procedures or
    systems developed.
  5. Leadership in establishment, maintenance, and improvement of technical or Society
    programs in the organization nominee serves or elsewhere.
  6. Other personal achievements related to safety and health.
    Endorsements by superiors and verification by associates, in the form of letters on
    appropriate stationery of the employer, Membership Community, or Council.