HOD Vote – Fall 2018

Posted: Nov 05, 2018


The House of Delegates has voted to approve the proposed bylaws changes, including

1. Changing the title of Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer

2. Updates to the Nominations & Elections section

3. Remove the Bylaws committee as a standing committee

Voting began on August 30, 2018 and concluded on October 13, 2018. 49% of the delegates voted. The voting breakdown is as follows:

Motion 1: Changing the title of Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer

• In favor of the motion: 115

• Opposed the motion: 5

Motion 2: Updates to the Nominations & Elections section

• In favor of the motion: 118

• Opposed the motion: 3

Motion 3: Remove the Bylaws committee as a standing committee

• In favor of the motion: 115

• Opposed the motion: 6

We appreciate the time taken by delegates, community leaders and involved members t consider the motion and cast a vote on the future of this Society. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to your profession and its professional society.

Please direct any questions about these changes or the voting process to delegatefeedback .


Rixio E. Medina, CSP, CPP

President and Chair of the House of Delegates

cc: Area Directors, Chapter Presidents, Practice Specialty & Common Interest Group Assistant Administrators

Region VI News

Posted: Oct 16, 2018

2018 ASSP Leadership Conference Night Out

Region VI Emerging Leaders – Leading panel discussion on “Young Professional Engagement”

Left to Right: Wyatt Bradbury, Anupama Mehrota, Julian Mercer, and Mark Ahner (All 3 emerging professionals are from Region VI)

Julian Mercer with Dr. Kevin Slate, BISE Administrator

Julian with WISE at Leadership Conference

Due to Hurricane Florence and the cancellation of the 2018 Region VI PDC, there will be a virtual Region VI ROC.  Save the date for November 16, 2018 from 9:00AM – 11:00AM.

Hurricane Michael Aid

Posted: Oct 11, 2018

Good afternoon ASSP members,

There certainly has been no shortage of severe weather this year. I’m sure all of you are aware of the approach of Hurricane Michael and its potentially catastrophic impact on many parts of the southeastern United States this week. The storm is expected to strike the Florida Panhandle at least as a Category 3 hurricane, bringing destructive winds and life-threatening flooding. Hurricane Michael could be the strongest storm to hit the northeastern Gulf Coast in 13 years.

It was less than a month ago that the East Coast experienced this type of devastation with Hurricane Florence. Millions of Americans will be affected by this new storm over the next few days and far beyond as it is projected to move inland over Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Our ASSP family in the affected region includes more than 3,600 members. The difficulty and challenges they will face in dealing with such a major event are many. Our thoughts and prayers are with all our affected members and their families this week as we hope they remain safe and healthy.

The American Red Cross is already working around the clock to create safe shelters and provide comfort for the vast number of people who will need it. ASSP members should know that financial donations to the Red Cross are the best way to help during such a crisis. Donations enable the Red Cross to provide many key services, using its resources where they are needed most urgently. Contributions can be made in three convenient ways…

  • Text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to American Red Cross disaster relief.
  • Donate online by visiting

Donate by phone by calling 1-800-HELPNOW (1-800-435-7669).

The Red Cross Emergency App is available for your smartphone. Its “Family Safe” feature allows people to check on loved ones and instantly see if they are okay, even if that loved one hasn’t downloaded the app on their device. Alerts via the app provide real-time information so people can better protect themselves and their families.

Thank you to all ASSP members who are able to assist hurricane rescue and recovery efforts by making a financial donation to the Red Cross. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated by the families dealing with this catastrophic event.

Rixio Medina, CSP, CPP 2018-19 ASSP President