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Vacant Positions

Please note: The following positions are listed with Region VI of the American Society of Safety Professionals as a courtesy to its members. The Region does not necessarily endorse the employers listed nor warrant the suitability of a specified position for a member.

Health Scientist

Major duties for this position include but are not limited to, the following

  • Writes and edits content for proposed and final rules, requests for information, and other Federal Register publications, including proposed and final regulatory text and supporting analyses. Content may include analyses of the evidence relating to health effects and risk assessment, as well as summary and explanation supporting the regulatory text.
  • Ability to answer complex inquiries concerning the intent, content, or application of an existing, new, or proposed standard. Ability to tailor answers and provide excellent, consistent, and reliable customer service.
  • Investigates a broad range of areas such as epidemiology, toxicology, biology, biostatistics and industrial hygiene. Initiates, conducts or directs scientific studies and investigations. Analyzes scientific information about workplace illness, disease, and/or health conditions in assigned health science discipline and related specialties. Statistically analyzes data and interprets findings.
  • Analyzes sources of exposure and methods to reduce or minimize exposures. Gathers, monitors, and reviews scientific information on new developments related health effects associated with exposures to workplace hazards or unsafe work practices. Prepares written analyses of pertinent issues related to the hazard under review. Suggests new approaches to specific problems based upon study findings.
  • Develops epidemiologic methods for identifying and tracking factors affecting injury and occupational activities. Develops and evaluates new instrumentation, measuring systems, techniques and methods as required by the unique problems encountered in determining and measuring performance and job/mission related-injury.
  • Researches information and data to develop content for publications on a variety of occupational safety and health topics. Develops and writes a variety of OSHA publications including Fact Sheets, InfoSheets, Hazard Alerts, and QuickCards.
  • Researches, proposes, and/or participates in the formulation of innovative initiatives and programs to assist with compliance with OSHA standards and regulations, to promote understanding and acceptance of OSHA’s mission and overall goals and objectives, and foster a collaboration between OSHA and the workforce at large to create safe and healthy work environments in all industries throughout the United States.
  • Identifies sources of information needed to support a project. Reviews published literature and other scientific information. Extracts, collects, aggregates, and organizes information on workplace hazards and possible means of abatement to support agency rulemaking and guidance activities. Screens reports, publications and other data emanating from published literature and scientific information, synthesizing data, relating them to current OSHA programs.
  • Keeps informed on the latest developments and other data sources in areas of expertise. Proposes new concepts and alternative solutions based upon technical findings. Develops study plans for projects and major portions of the Rulemaking Process and post rulemaking technical assistance activities. Develops study methodologies, project plans, and approaches. Staffs projects, assigns work, develops work schedules, establishes milestones, deadlines, and metrics and criteria for success based on regulatory requirements and cyclical demands of the rulemaking process. Leads team, monitors progress and reports any problems or barriers impacting office or directorate performance goals to the supervisor.
  • Represents OSHA and DSG to outside stakeholders and interested groups, organizations, and individuals. Prepares and delivers seminars and speeches/presentations. Develops written guidance documents to assist employers and employees in understanding the provisions of new or current standards or hazards. Writes, reviews, and comments on additional guidance documents developed within or outside of OSHA that addresses workplace hazards to inform employers and workers. Interacts with stakeholders on issues of concern and their requests for Agency action.
  • Proactively leads lower-graded specialists in the development and/or refinement of cutting-edge activities, products and services, and ways to improve the Rulemaking and Compliance Assistance product lines. Refines business processes, and identifies opportunities to support customers and clients when new standards are introduced and rolled-out to the regulated community. Proactively reaches out to the academic communities, first line employee health organizations, and industry representatives to determine compliance needs and levels of understanding and acceptance of standards and guidance products. Reports information to DSG management and makes strategic recommendations.


Physical Scientist GS 11/12

OSHA has just posted a recruitment for up to 2 Physical Scientists, GS 11/12, to be added to the staff of the Directorate of Standards and Guidance.  The Mission of the Directorate of Standards and Guidance is to contribute to ensuring safe and healthful working conditions in covered workplaces through development of workplace standards, regulations and guidance which address significant workplace risks, are feasible, appropriately consider the effect of these rules on the economy, affected industries, paperwork burden, and small businesses, as required by applicable executive orders, the Paperwork Reduction Act, Regulatory Flexibility Act, and the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA).

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