2024 SPY

Please join us in congratulating Paul Esposito, who has been named as the 2024 Region VI Safety Professional of the Year by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).

Paul received numerous recommendations from peers and colleagues alike praising Paul for his expertise, dedication to our field and most importantly someone truly worthy of holding this highly coveted award.

Paul has been in the occupational safety and health field for 40 years. Along with being a certified ISO 45001 auditor, Paul has run his own firm, STAR Consultants since 1997, collaborating with many people and organizations along the way. Paul pursued and achieved certification as an Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in order to understand the risks of all health and safety hazards across workplaces. He is an internationally recognized speaker and instructor with expertise in leading metrics, strategic planning, culture development, and risk assessment. Paul is recognized across the nation and throughout our profession as the embodiment of what success in this field is supposed to resemble.

As noted by his colleagues, Paul takes this profession seriously and his ability to provide clear and realistic solutions to hazardous challenges is top tier. In nominating Paul for this award, his peers used words to describe Paul like: leader, mentor, professional, dedicated, supporter, among so many more.

With ASSP, Paul has held nearly all of the leadership roles at the chapter level. He has been the Chesapeake PDC chair, the chair of the Region VI PDC, a Regional Area Director, an officer of the Region, as well as contributing on a national level with course design, presentations, standards development, and the ASSP representative for Government Relations. As anyone who serves in ASSP we thank you for your dedication to the profession, the society and its members.

Join us again in congratulating Paul on this honor of being our 2024 SPY.

Learn more about the criteria used in nominating and determining each year’s Safety Professional of the Year. Go to region6.assp.org/spy for more information and the list of all current and past award recipients.

The ASSP Regional SPY award is an honor acknowledging the dedication and outstanding contributions of a member to a specific Region. The criteria in which a candidate is judged include:

  1. Demonstrated technical expertise in the broad field of safety and a thorough knowledge of the operational aspects of his/her nominee’s safety employment.
  2. Demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Society, Council, Region, or Membership Community activities, including committee or task force chair, officer, services to members, lecturer at seminars, etc.
  3. Professional contributions to advance the Safety Profession, such as fostering professional development, public/community services, instructor at educational institutions, involvement in codes and legislation, articles written, work with allied groups, etc.
  4. Awards and innovations, including citations, honors, plaques; or new procedures or systems developed.
  5. Leadership in establishment, maintenance, and improvement of technical or Society programs in the organization nominee serves or elsewhere.
  6. Other personal achievements related to safety and health.
  7. Endorsements by superiors and verification by associates, in the form of letters on appropriate stationery of the employer, Membership Community, or Council.