Guidance on Return to Face to Face

ASSP Chapters: Guidance on Return to Face-to-Face Programming COVID-19 has changed what we do and how we do it. This includes how our members and leaders approach chapter meetings and events. ASSP chapters connect members to valuable education, networking and leadership opportunities. We know leaders and members are eager to reconnect through face-to-face programming. At the same time, we all must remain vigilant about protecting the safety and health of members, leaders and attendees. To do so, we must continue to monitor the latest information about this public health issue and recognize how chapter activities may impact the Society’s reputation. While each chapter must exercise its own judgment, we continue to strongly counsel all chapters to align with the Society’s approach and hold off scheduling in-person meetings of members or leadership teams through August 31, 2021.

More detail here: https://www.assp.org/docs/default-source/community-leader-resources/mem_chapter-return-to-face-to-face-guidance.pdf?sfvrsn=b7bb347_44

Nominations for Deputy Regional Vice President

Region VI will select the Deputy Regional Vice President from Area Directors and qualified Chapter presidents who are currently Professional Members or Members who are eligible for Professional Membership and submit their application for Professional Membership within 30 days of their election.  If you are an Area Director or qualified Chapter president and wish to be considered for the Deputy Region VI Vice President position, please submit your name and chapter to Chris Hinson Region VI ARVP Secretary, arvp-secretary@region6.assp.org, by August 15th 2021

The ROC members will vote for the Region VI Deputy Regional VP live during the Fall ROC meeting in Myrtle Beach.  If there are multiple people interested in the position each candidate will have two minutes to address the ROC on their qualifications.  Candidates will be notified by August 17th if there is a need to address the ROC.

For more information on the duties of the Deputy Regional Vice President position please review the Region VI Operating Guidelines that can be found on the Region VI webpage under the Files tab.  

2021 Region VI Spring ROC

Chapter leaders from across Region VI met to discuss happenings throughout society and support one another in developing their chapters at the 2021 Spring ROC.