All Female Space Walk Scheduled, WISE Member Jennifer Law Experiences Space Garments First Hand

Jennifer Law‍ (WISE Member, Ergonomics Practice Leader – Lockton Companies) is involved in ASTM Committees representing the safety/ergonomics/human factors side of F47 Commercial Spaceflight and F48 Exoskeletons and Exosuits, so she naturally wanted to experience the user’s perspective first hand.  Jenn finally had a chance to squeeze in a visit with Final Frontier Design (FFD) to try on an IVA (Intervehicular Activity) pressurized spacesuit and a MCP (Mechanical Counter Pressure Glove).  Jenn described the experience as surreal.  She anticipated the spacesuit would be less snug than it actually is, but it was able to be adjusted to her size and height.  The construction of the garment and head gear, along with the nature of the fabric helped Jenn gain a better understanding of how one would have to maneuver inside a space vehicle while interacting with the controls and surrounding environment – not to mention speaking and breathing inside the enclosed garment.

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Region VI at Safety 2019

Region VI had a great turnout at Safety 2019, and had a lot to celebrate this year.  Thank you for another great year! Let’s make it an even better 2019-2020 year.

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